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Welcome to Situational Wellness Concepts and thank you for visiting!


My name is Brad (health and wellness researcher)

Who I am and What I’m About

First and foremost, I do not possess the credentials of a medical doctor, practitioner or naturopath. My inspiration for this website stems from a strong interest in learning and sharing perspectives on how to be more self reliant in the quest for better health and wellness. I work at a vitamin supplement factory and also research articles, listen to radio programs and watch a lot of videos related to “natural” health and wellness.

I use all of those mediums as a means of enhancing my quality of health as I believe it will only improve my quality of life. My intention here is to simply share my findings so you may make the informed decisions to do the same. All in all, I am simply a passionate researcher who seeks and presents perspective findings on methods for the natural improvement and restoration of health and wellness for myself and (more importantly) you the visitor.

The Purpose Of My Motivation

The reason I created this website stems from the desire to help those who seek more viable answers to their wellness issues and just overall health in general. To be clear, I don’t believe that mainstream and (or) allopathic (modern) medicine has all the answers addressing degenerative health. Though this medium does serve a purpose in the modern world (such as traumatic injury). I believe that giving the body the resources to heal itself through methods that have been used throughout history (in many cases going back several millennia) are much more effective than throwing pills and medications at a diminishing health issue and having to deal with the subsequent side effects thereafter.

My Mission Statement

My goal here is to provide direction in addressing and improving your state of health through the research I present here by means of the following structural arrangement:

  1. My posts (my articles on the home page)
  2. Wellness resources (a data base of pages in the main menu to address specific conditions and general health concerns, which is still new and a work in progress)
  3. Health and wellness news (links in the right sidebar for up to date stories from around the web)
  4. Recommended section (links to other well written articles – also in the right sidebar).

The purpose for me, is to do much of the homework and publish it on this site so you (the reader/visitor) can then decide how to use it for your own situational wellness.

I truly hope that your time spent here will offer a realistic course of action for your individual goals in achieving a better state of well-being.

Thanks again for dropping by and if you have any thoughts to share, please leave them in the comment box below. I would love to here from you.

Blessings to your good health, Brad


7 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Thank you for your time well spent on researching wellness and making this resource available. You have many great articles and information.

    1. Shirley! Thanks so much for dropping in and commenting. Awesome! I’ve been going through the literature you gave me. I’m very interested in those essential oils and will look into trying them out and and maybe becoming a member. Also, I would like to write review on them at some point.

      Thanks Again, talk to you later, Brad

      1. Check these out for more info about essential oils
        Dr Doug Corrigan Face book group– The Human body and essential oils
        Jen O”Sullivan aromatherapist face book group– Vitality Author
        Dr Jim Bob Hagerton chiropractor face book group essential oil club
        Dr Benjamin Perkus Psychologist created aroma freedom technique
        Dr Oliver Wenkle Naturopath Brain heart gut connection
        Dr Harry Alelson top 5 stem cell therapy in the world from salt lake
        our public face book group is Simply oils inspiring rockstars feel free to join and contribute (EO info and recipes)

        1. Great Shirley, I will look into that. I don’t have a facebook page as of yet but i need to do that because it’s good way to promote my website (among other things) So, i’ll get to that soon and would love to get in on the group. I want to learn more on those aforementioned names and their work. I’ll try to square away some time this weekend for that.

          Thanks, Brad

          1. misspelled one doctor
            Dr Harry Adelson stem cell therapy
            Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hi Brad,
    My name is William, I recently met with one of your family members to discuss a new health concept and was given your site as a point of interest. I like what you are doing and see that the things you share here are helpful and supportive of overall health opportunities. I currently work with health providers, researchers and others to bring a new bio-science discovery to the world. I would love to meet with you sometime next week if your schedule permits to share some exciting news with you. Please feel free to reach out to me.


    1. Hi William,

      Thank you for visiting my site. The aforementioned family member can’t stop talking about asea. He has noticed some positive things happening with the quality of his health in the short time he has been using the juice and cream. He’s really exited about it. So yes, i’m really looking forward to meeting up with you. I want to learn everything about this product so I can start blogging about it here. I enjoyed chatting with you last week and look forward to meeting up soon. I Will definitely get in touch.

      Blessings, Brad

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