Simple Techniques for Managing Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

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If you live with bipolar disorder, you know how it can impact your mood, energy, and everyday life. While medications can go a long way in helping you manage symptoms, some of them present significant side effects. If you’re looking for other solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

There are many natural remedies that have proven to help others with BP thrive in their daily routines. Situational Wellness Concepts invites you to consider these natural remedies for managing your symptoms:

ModerateFree abstemious dinner drink vector

It’s no secret that BP comes with a higher risk of addiction. In fact, according to the American Journal of Managed Health Care, more than half of people with BP become addicted to drugs or alcohol at some point in their lives. That’s why it’s critical to use your energy toward achieving your goals and personal development.

Be mindful of how you can practice moderation in all areas of your life. Be honest with yourself about your tendency to pursue risky behaviors, and be quick to find help if you already have a problem. Moreover, you can ask your friends and family members to help you avoid destructive decision-making.

Remove stressors from your homeFree mind clean brain vector

Look for ways to keep your home a positive environment. Start by removing clutter and cleaning on a regular basis. Also keep in mind that having broken items in the home can make you feel bad and just takes up space, so if something is irreparable, it’s time to get rid of it. Little things like these will go a long way toward replacing negative energy with positive.

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As with many other mental health conditions, Mayo Clinic points out that isolation can be detrimental to people with BP. Be conscious of making time to spend with family and loved ones, even during times you don’t feel like interacting with others.

Plan coffee and lunch dates, arrange a movie night or schedule any other activities that provide you an opportunity to socialize. Even speaking with loved ones over video chat can help keep the loneliness at bay.

If you work from home, you are especially prone to isolation and loneliness, meaning you should take extra steps to stay social. Try to connect with coworkers regularly, whether it is participating in virtual meetings, working together in a coffee shop, or finding other ways to interact.

Also, try not to work outside of your designated work hours. It can be difficult to mentally clock out when working from home, but balancing your personal and family life is important.

Check your dietFree dish food abundance vector

Everyone needs to maintain a nutritious diet to lead a healthy life. But with BP, you are at higher risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions. And some medications have proven to increase appetite and lead to overeating.

Excess weight can hinder recovery and cause many different physical and mental health issues. Try to eat a well-balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and other whole foods.

Get sleepFree sleep sleeping asleep vector

If you want to maintain a healthy and consistent mood, try to keep solid sleep habits. Disrupted sleep may be nothing new to you, however, as manic phases tend to cause erratic sleep habits while low phases lead to excessive sleeping.

Sleep issues can also be exacerbated by working from home. Establish a regular bedtime, and ensure your bedroom is a comfortable and restful atmosphere. Be mindful of your caffeine consumption, especially in the latter half of the day. Switch to decaf coffee if caffeine is keeping you awake or causing you to go to the bathroom frequently overnight. Also, consider stopping screen time an hour before you go to bed.

Improve sleep with a new mattressFree mattress pillows comfort vector

When managing a condition like bipolar disorder, prioritizing quality sleep is crucial. This is where knowing how to choose a mattress becomes essential. Investing in a new mattress, particularly one made from plant-based materials that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can significantly improve your sleep quality.

These mattresses provide excellent comfort and support, promoting deeper and more restful sleep. They’re also healthier choices as their low VOC content reduces exposure to harmful chemicals that can interfere with sleep or exacerbate mood disorders. So, if you’re grappling with bipolar disorder, remember that a good night’s sleep begins with a good mattress. Opting for a plant-based, low-VOC mattress can be a significant step towards better sleep hygiene and overall well-being.

Learn the warning signsFree sign caution warning vector

Lastly, knowing how to recognize the warning signs of a manic episode is critical to managing them. You may not always be able to avoid an episode, but you can ask your friends and family to look out for the symptoms of your condition progressing. If they say something, it’s up to you to act immediately.

Maintaining a healthy, balanced life while living with bipolar disorder is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Work to practice moderation, mind your caffeine intake, practice healthy sleep habits with a new mattress, and remain mindful of your thoughts and behaviors. Use these tips to build the life you want.

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